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Associated Partners

An Associate Partner of PRIMaRE is a national, or international academic, research or industry organisation that has agreed to join the PRIMaRE  Network of Excellence by collaborating to address research and development challenges facing the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) sector (including wave, tidal stream, tidal range and offshore wind). PRIMaRE Associate Partner Members have agreed to work together, aligned with PRIMaRE Objectives. An Associate Partner of PRIMaRE may be invited to attend meetings on the Steering Committee (with no voting rights), collaborate in PRIMaRE events (e.g., PRIMaRE Conference, Key Challenge Workshops) and will be listed on the PRIMaRE Web page.

The application process to become a member of PRIMARE starts by submitting the appropriate PRIMaRE Associate Partner application form to either or to the Chair of the Steering Committee. The application form can be requested to the previous email address. The application will then be included for consideration at the next available PRIMaRE Steering Committee meeting.

PRIMaRE Associated Partners

University of Uppsala Cranfield University
Lägerhyddsvägen 1
Box 534
751 21 Uppsala
Cranfield Campus
Cranfield University
Cranfield, Bedfordshire
MK43 0AL
Cardiff  University  
Cardiff School of Engineering
Queen's Buildings
Cardiff University
The Parade, Cardiff
CF24 3AA

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