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Key Challenge Workshops

PRIMaRE organises regularly some high level workshops. These workshops are aimed to be UK focused and develop further some of the overall aims of PRIMaRE, such as:

  • explore new research arenas, identifying and coordinating the research priorities for the PRIMaRE partners;
  • expand the relationship between PRIMaRE and the industry, getting their feedback to identify research priorities and opportunities for future collaborations; and
  • disseminate the expertise and knowledge gained among the PRIMaRE members to the industry and the wider marine renewable community.

To do this, specific areas relevant for the development of the marine renewable energy sector (e.g., towards a sustainable harnessing the Severn estuary, leading the path to an affordable and secure marine renewable energy) will be tackled. 

Past Key Challenge Workshops

  • A Workshop on "Identifying research priorities for marine energy" was held at Plymouth University on March 2015  

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