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The Partnership for Research In Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE) was stablished in 2013 as a consortium of marine renewable energy experts across higher education, research and industry. The Universities of Plymouth, Exeter, Southampton, Bristol and Bath, along with the Marine Biological Association of the UK and Plymouth Marine Laboratory, have agreed to work together within PRIMaRE to exchange knowledge and work together to address research and development challenges faced by the marine renewable energy industry at regional, national and international level. Completing the line-up of PRIMaRE is the South West Marine Energy Park (SW MEP) and the Wave Hub facility off the north coast of Cornwall, who will act as conduits between the research community and industry.

PRIMaRE is managed through a steering committee consisting of representatives of the five universities, the two research centres, Wave Hub and the South West Marine Energy Park.


Steering Committee


Associated Partners 


History of PRIMaRE


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