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Vision and purpose

The Partnership for Research in Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE) is a network of world-class research institutions who undertake research and development to address challenges facing the marine renewable energy industry at the regional, national and international level.

The overall aim of PRIMaRE is to foster a multi-institutional world-class research cluster in all aspects of marine renewable energy which will:

  • provide a forum for research in marine renewable energy;
  • facilitate and foster research collaboration and knowledge exchange between the Parties and with industry and national and international partners;
  • utilise the assets and resources in the south west of England including world class demonstration facilities such as Wave Hub;
  • work closely with the South West Marine Energy Park (SW MEP) as its research cluster of choice, taking part when appropriate in joint marketing and joint events;
  • hold an annual PRIMaRE research conference, to be hosted and organised by the Party chairing the Steering Committee, which will rotate annually; and
  • cooperate on a PRIMaRE website, providing content including contact details, a list of relevant expertise and skills, details of current research projects and available papers and reports, to be hosted and maintained by Plymouth.

PRIMaRE is managed through a steering committee consisting of representatives of the five universities, the two research centres, Wave Hub and the South West Marine Energy Park.

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