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New PhD position at Plymouth Univeristy

A PhD position in Coastal defence through wave farms: advanced design tools based on laboratory tests and numerical modelling (3 years) is open at the School of Marine Science and Engineering, Plymouth University (UK). 

The aim of this project is to investigate the application of wave farms, i.e. arrays of Wave Energy Converters (WECs), to coastal protection. A farm of offshore floating WECs extracts part of the incoming wave energy, and can therefore serve to mitigate wave-induced erosion, complementing and, in some cases, even replacing conventional coastal protection solutions (detached breakwaters, groynes, etc.) Relative to these structures wave farms have a number of advantages, e.g. a smaller visual impact and the ability to naturally adapt to sea level rise – in synergy with their primary purpose of carbon-free energy generation. The research will be carried out combining numerical modelling and laboratory work.

This project involves numerical modelling and experimental work in the cutting-edge COAST laboratory of Plymouth University, and combines the two main research areas of the COAST Research Group at Plymouth University: Coastal Engineering and Marine Rene­wa­ble Energy.

You can apply and find more information about this PhD position in the following link:

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