Elizabeth Mills ECR-TG - 6th PRIMaRE Conference

This funding allowed me to attend the PRIMaRE Annual conference and present research I am undertaking as part of my PhD. My PhD project is attempting to modify the surface of concrete to resist invasive species colonisation. Therefore, it is highly relevant to marine renewable energy, as this industry deploys concrete structures and is a user of concrete infrastructure in our oceans. This was my first conference presentation, and gave me a platform to discuss this important biofouling, which is often overlooked, with a room of marine renewable energy experts. Opening up this dialogue and sharing about my project with fellow researchers across the wide variety of marine renewable fields found within the PRIMaRE network, was a fantastic experience for me. From this conference I have developed many new contacts and got to learn from discussions many different types of stakeholders take on biofouling issues. The PRIMaRE conference was especially relevant for me as my research is based in Scotland, but enabled me to not only meet people conducting marine renewable energy work in Scotland, but also work carried out throughout the rest of the UK, especially Wales. This was a particularly important factor when I applied to present as my research is applicable to devices across the UK not just Scotland. It was also great to learn about other research around marine renewable energy, especially where these may overlap with my own research.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

This project has received funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant agreement EP/P026109/1