Eirini Katsidoniotaki SRV - University of Plymouth Visit

I am a PhD student at Uppsala University, Associate partner of PRIMaRE, and my research topic is about Survivability and Risk Assessment of Renewable Energy Structures. One of the main challenges of my topic is the simulation of extreme waves and investigate the peak surface elevation and extreme loads due to extreme events.

I would like to thank PRIMARE for the Short Research Visit (SRV) funding, giving me the opportunity to visit the University of Plymouth, School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering). During my accommodation in Plymouth, I had the chance to meet and collaborate with Dr. Edward Ransley and Dr. Scott Brown, who are experts in the field of Marine Renewable Energy.
My research visit at University of Plymouth, which lasted 8 days, was quite productive. I spent most of the time learning how to produce focused waves based on New Wave Theory. Here, it is worth saying that in offshore engineering a design-wave known as ‘New Wave’ is referred to extensively and has become the industry standard for modelling extreme wave interactions with offshore structure. The first days of my accommodation, I spent some time to make a MATLAB script which generates the boundary condition of the inlet wave profile. Afterwards, my research was focused on how to generate focused waves using OpenFOAM and in particular the toolbox waves2Foam. Running some CFD simulations I understood better the concept of focused wave generation and after leaving Plymouth I have gained quite useful knowledge for the continuation of my research.

Moreover, guidance was provided to facilitate my access and contribution of code to the CCP-WSI code repository increasing the knowledge transfer and impact of EPSRC project EP/M022382. In particular, the necessary hydrodynamic and Power Take Off modelling accounting for Oscillating Renewable Energy device survivability.

But apart from the technical knowledge I have gained after my visit in Plymouth, through the interaction and extensive conversation with the people I collaborated with, I have expanded my horizons regarding my PhD topic. The discussion made me think deeper and some new aspects were born in my mind.

Last but not least, this SRV has been fostered further collaboration between Uppsala University and the University of Plymouth leading to future joint research projects and produce journal publication and/or international conference contribution.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

This project has received funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant agreement EP/P026109/1