Gemma Veneruso SRV - University of St Andrews Visit

I am a marine mammal ecologist working on research to inform potential impacts of tidal-stream technology. I received a Short Research Visit (SRV) grant from PRIMaRE to support a short placement at the University of St Andrews in order to collaborate with staff working on research relating to collision risk of marine mammals.

Under the SEACAMS2 project at Bangor University, we have been collecting data to understand harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) distribution and behaviour in tidal currents in order to inform collision risk. The University of St Andrews are world-leading experts in marine mammal science and research relating to impacts with tidal energy. During the placement I worked with behavioural ecologists and acousticians to develop analyses approaches to dealing with acoustic data collected in fast currents. This placement allowed me to progress with the project and get closer to understanding harbour porpoise associations with tidal features in a tidal-stream demonstration zone. Furthermore, the SRV has strengthened links and enhanced collaboration between the Universities.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

This project has received funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant agreement EP/P026109/1