Tank Testing Opportunity Through the PORTOS Project

Posted: Tue 12th May 2020

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As part of the PORTOS research project, there is an opportunity to test marine renewable energy devices in the COAST Laboratory, University of Plymouth free of charge. The advert can be found here. The deadline for the submission of application is the 22nd of May.

The relevant documents for the calling are available on the PORTOS website (https://portosproject.eu/applicant-advert/). They include:

• Application Form
• Application Guidelines
• Test Facility Guidelines
• Test Facility Specifications

The applicant requirements are given below:

• The potential applicants for assessing the test facility can be from Academic institutions, Universities, Engineering companies, Maritime organisations, Marine stakeholders, Industry inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Amateur/non-academic laypeople.
• Applicants are required to read all documents before proceeding.
• Applicants must contact their desired Test Facility in order to complete the Application Form.
• Application is open to Interreg Atlantic Areas only.
• IP and non-disclosure agreements between the test facility and applicant can be arranged if required.
• All fields in the Application Form should be completed for the best chance of success.
• All applications should be returned to [email protected], who will check their eligibility before passing them to the Selection Panel.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

This project has received funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant agreement EP/P026109/1