3rd PRIMaRE Conference

3rd PRIMaRE Conference

Over ninety delegates attended the past 5th and 6th of July 2016 the 3rd PRIMaRE Conference held at the University of Bath, Bath. With a total of 6 plenary sessions and talks from recognised speakers from industry and academia, the conference provided an excellent forum for exchanging latest research & development and fostering collaborations on Marine Renewable Energy.

A strong industry representation attended the conference, representing the 36% of the attendees, including some of the key players in the sector as Carnegie Wave Power, Mojo Maritime, Marine Power Systems and Wavepower. This large industry representation brought the opportunity to obtain a direct view on the current industrial developments in the sector and have a direct engagement between academia and industry.

Professor Anthony (Tony) Lewis from Ireland and Dr Deshi Ning from China were the featured speakers representing respectively the Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland (MAREI) and the Dalian University of Technology. Professor Lewis introduced MaREI and their activities to the attendees and brought the Irish point of view about PRIMaRE and how this can contribute to the development of the sector, while Dr Ning presented the research that China is currently taking in wave and tidal energy.

During the Conference dinner, sponsored by the 50th Anniversary of the University of Bath, the PRIMaRE chair has been handled in from Dr Jun Zang to Professor AbuBakr Bahaj, and announced that next year’s 4th PRIMaRE conference will take place in South Hampton.

If you have any further enquiry about the 3rd PRIMaRE Conference, please email it to [email protected].

Best poster award

  • 1st price: Hannah Mullings, University of Manchester
  • Turbulent and wave induced loads on a bed-mounted tidal turbine
  • 2nd price: Rebecca Francis, Plymouth University
  • Using three dimensional printing to investigate the hydrodynamic effect of biofouling (Chirona Hameri) in relation to marine energy devices
  • 3rd price: Faryal Khalid, Exeter university
  • Influence of metocean parameters on subassembly reliability levels

Scientific committee

  • AbuBakr Bahaj (University of Southampton)
  • Andrew Plummer (University of Bath)
  • Carlos Perez-Collazo (Plymouth University)
  • Daniel Conley (Plymouth University)
  • Johnny Gowdy (SW MEP)
  • Jun Zang (University of Bath)
  • Lars Johanning (University of Exeter)
  • Paul Harper (University of Bristol)
  • Stephen Cotterell (Marine Biological Association)
  • Tara Hooper (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

Document repository

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

This project has received funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant agreement EP/P026109/1